The time is now to improve your talents and advance your skills as ccsports personalized training sessions are customized to meet the needs of each individual , whether they are beginners trying to learn the fundamentals or seasoned players looking to improve their technique

Our training sessions are aimed to make you the best athlete you can be. We begin training with a jog and or dynamic warmup and then transition into a variety of drills designed to develop the individual’s technical and physical abilities. Individuals may expect to execute high-level passing, dribbling, shooting, and footwork skills during a training session. The player might also expect some form of fitness running near the end of the session. We hope to see you at a session.

What we offer


We provide sessions in a variety of sports, including:

Private Lesson

1 on 1 training session with a coach where the main focus is to improve your technical skills, expand your tactical knowledge, and take your overall game to the next level.

Group sessions

Group & Team training session where ccsports aim to address, solve, and correct any flaws in your game while enhancing your strengths as well as your comfort in your sports.

Athletic Products

Improve Your:




  Balance skill/Technique

  1v1 moves

  Ball Mastery

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